Apple’s AR/VR headset to add iPad apps, Sports, Gaming, and more

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Apple Inc. is set to release a new diverse reality headset in June

Apple Inc. is set to release a new diverse reality headset in June, with hopes of attracting more customers through the use of a fantasy 3D interface app. The company has been working on a list of software and aids for the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset, including gaming, fitness, and teamwork devices, as well as the latest versions of Apple’s iPad items and services for viewing games.

The $3,000 headset will launch at an event in June. The headset incorporates both virtual and augmented reality, making it a unique and expensive addition to the market. To address this, Apple has been working on informing the public about the tools and their usage.

Apple new headset to have more functionalities

Much of the effort has gone into making iPad apps responsive for the new headset, which will enable users to obtain millions of existing apps from third-party engineers with the recent 3D interface. Apple has also been working on optimizing the Safari browser and its offering for calendars, contacts, files, home control, mail, maps, messaging, notes, photos, and reminders. Additionally, the features of the FaceTime conferencing service and Apple’s TV app will be identical to that of the iPad.

While the Cupertino-based company has not given the specifics of the headset’s features, they are also reportedly working on an Apple Books version of the headset for users to read in VR. They are likewise examining a camera app that takes photos from the headset and a Wellness front app for meditation consisting of calm graphics, sounds, and voice-over.

One of the most exciting features of the new headset is the Fitness+ service, which will allow users to exercise while seeing a coach in VR. This is similar to Meta Platforms Inc.’s best selling VR headsets, which also feature exercise as part of their offerings.

All eyes on Apple’s upcoming headset

Despite the high price of the headset, Apple is confident that customers will receive the product well. The Steve Jobs-era slogan, “There’s an app for that,” has always been a core principle of the company, and they are confident that their new headset will be no exception.

Apple’s forthcoming AR/VR headset has generated significant buzz, with reports indicating that the company showcased the device to high-ranking executives in March. Although Apple had recently announced that Luxshare would be responsible for assembling its upcoming mixed-reality(MR) headset, the release of the AR/VR headset has been plagued by delays and setbacks. Additionally, industry experts have speculated that Apple will introduce a low-end VR headset in 2025.

Photo credit: Christine Sandu (Unsplash)