Cannes XR Unveils Immersive VR Experiences Featuring Ukraine and Banksy

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In May, the XR division of the Cannes Film Festival opened, featuring massive immersive art and experiences. Cannes Next intends to launch its immersive festival with marketplaces, AI-related activities, and competitions.

One main exhibition at the festival will be the global premiere of Banksy’s VR experience on May 18th. VFC’s filmmaking project, which combines traditional techniques with biofeedback audio, will also have a screening. An immersive experience conference will follow shortly after.

In addition, attendees can explore live events in Film Soho’s International Village, where online production studio demos are available. Numerous panel talks, discussions, and conferences will delve into ongoing technologies-related themes, including Metaverse, Web3, and generative AI, with contributions from global thought leaders.

The festival will host Animation Day, a celebration of the accomplishments of animation professionals in the industry.

Immersive VR Experience Combines Banksy Artwork and the Ukraine War

The ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war is a primary theme of the event. Cannes Next, Aggressive, and ATM Virtual have collaborated to premiere MURALS. From May 19th to 24th, the Palais des Festival’s MURALS Immersive Studio will take place.

Using impeccable 3D scanning devices, the immersive experience will showcase 180-degree visual experiences. The artwork includes war-torn regions in Ukraine, including creations from Banksy, the great Bristolian artist. Banksy painted murals across Ukraine in 2002. Many are in devastated regions, such as Irpin, Maidan, Hostomel, and Horenka.

2022 Cannes XR Winners

During last year’s exhibition of the Cannes XR event, the organizers collaborated with VeeR to look at around 200 submitted VR projects. These projects encompassed various categories, such as animation, documentaries, interactive art, and gaming.

Of the numerous submissions, the judges selected 18 finalists to compete for Best VR Story and Best VR Interactive Experience. Among these finalists, two nominees were honored with awards.

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