Murphy Geospatial’s 40th Anniversary Commemorated with Launch of Extended Reality (XR) Technology

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Murphy Geospatial unveiled its latest Extended Reality (XR) technology at a recent event. The Irish company, managed by the sons of its original founder, Peter Murphy, has a 40-year track record of innovation. Also, there will be an online session in June to further explore its capabilities.

Murphy Geospatial’s XR Device

The XR technology offers wearers of the headset an immersive experience of geospatial data and 3D digital workflows. It enables real-time collaboration among multiple project operatives, fostering new and efficient work methods. Additionally, Murphy Geospatial asserts that the technology aids in identifying and preventing costly errors that may arise at different project stages.

According to Ray Murphy, who is both a co-founder and the Chief Strategy Officer, unveiling a new technology for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) sector is a fitting way to commemorate the anniversary. The announcement’s timing is particularly suitable. This is because the company finds itself on the brink of the next digital revolution. Simultaneously, it recognizes the unprecedented economic pressures many clients face. Murphy emphasized the need to innovate and explore novel work methodologies while simultaneously driving efficiency, as there is no room for costly errors.

More About Murphy Geospatial

Having started from modest beginnings four decades ago, Murphy Geospatial has now established six offices across the UK and Ireland. With a workforce of over 350 individuals, the company has successfully completed more than 27,000 projects. Notable among these are the HS2 and Luas Cross City extensions. Also, the company has worked on renowned developments landmarks such as the RIBA headquarters, Old War Office, Regent’s Crescent and King’s Cross station.

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