Unity Launches OpenXR Development Package for Meta Quest 3

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Unity unveiled its highly anticipated Meta OpenXR package in a groundbreaking move this week. This innovative package offers support for Quest 3 app development through integrated frameworks.

The company has introduced the Meta OpenXR package, allowing developers to start working on it and provide feedback. It is important to note that this preview model is not a final product representation.

With the early access plan, developers can explore various XR technologies. Additionally, the package will be Quest 3-ready. It provides developers with tools to leverage Meta’s first-party utilities.

This development makes it possible for developers to integrate the Meta OpenXR package test into the latest RT3D engine version.

Exploring the Potential of Open-Platform Frameworks for Unity and Collaboration

Unity is capitalizing on the existing OpenXR and AR Foundation initiatives to fortify its developer tools.

Unity supports royalty-free XR content production and cross-platform distribution by integrating the OpenXR framework. This framework proves instrumental in successfully porting without the need for code rewriting. They acknowledge the collaborative efforts of an industry-leading consortium behind the OpenXR framework.

In pursuit of its cross-platform vision, Unity is further leveraging the capabilities of its own AR Foundation. This powerful service aids XR developers in the seamless distribution of immersive applications across a range of mobile and head-worn AR/VR/MR devices.

The AR Foundation incorporates essential features from widely used XR SDKs, such as ARCore, ARKit, and OpenXR, ensuring compatibility and enabling developers to harness the full potential of these technologies. By integrating these common XR SDKs, Unity empowers developers to create and deploy immersive experiences across a diverse array of platforms.

Unity’s Development Framework for Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro

Unity has gained popularity by facilitating immersive content development for Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro. Unity pioneered XR content creation. Meta Quest’s apps use Unity’s RT3D engine. Quest 3 was just announced by Meta, which will support all old headset titles, including Unity-powered ones.

Meta debuted Quest 3 earlier last month, with further information coming at its September Connect event. Unity is actively helping Apple Vision Pro app development. Unity’s RT3D engine lets developers build and deploy Vision Pro services.

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