Microsoft to hold AI event in March

Microsoft building in Vancouver, Canada

Microsoft has scheduled a special AI event to hold  on Thursday, March 16 at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET. The “Future of Work with AI” event will be hosted by Microsoft 365 lead Jared Spataro and Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella. The event would enable people to learn a new method of working AI will power that.

 Although the IT powerhouse has not revealed details about what to expect at the event, rumors suggest what the event may entail.

A revelation from the February edition of The Verge indicated that Microsoft might introduce how its ChatGPT-like AI will work in Microsoft 365 applications like Teams and Outlook. According to the information provided, AI could enhance the functionality of Outlook and Word, especially in the suggestion of email replies, search results and improvement in user writing.

Microsoft launched an AI copilot feature in Viva Sales and Dynamic 365 on March 6. The feature uses Azure OpenAI Service that helps create sales emails, abridge team meetings and reply to customers’ emails. Microsoft wants to explore artificial intelligence in 2023.

Microsoft has been funding OpenAI for some years and has introduced AI into some of its applications. Hence, this expansion won’t come as a surprise. Microsoft reportedly invested $10 billion recently, leading to broader uses of OpenAI’s technology. This event will likely back up Microsoft’s plan of being an AI leader.

As competition heats up, the biggest tech companies are finding it harder to maintain their lead in the search market since the emergence of ChatGPT. Developments like Google’s announcement of its ChatGPT rival, Bard, are mounting pressure on Microsoft despite its Bing AI. Hence, we could see new developments from the company in the coming months. 

Photo credits: Unsplash