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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman report confirms that Apple is working on Quartz. Quartz is an AI-based health coaching service. The report also reveals the launch of an iPad version of the Health app.

The health coaching service aims to help users by using AI and information from their Apple Watch to create personalized coaching programs. The service may help users develop better eating, sleeping, and exercise routines. For this service, Apple will charge a monthly subscription. The article claims that several Apple teams, including the health, Siri, and AI teams, are working on this project. While the service scheduled release is next year, there is a possibility a delay or cancelation might occur.

Health App Update

According to the report, Apple is working on a Health app update that will feature capabilities for tracking mental health and correcting for visual difficulties. The first edition of the feeling journal enables users to record their feelings, respond to questions about their day, and review their results afterward. Apple plans to improve the app to analyze a user’s tone of voice, text, and other data to determine their feelings.

iPad Health App

Gurman also claims that Apple will launch the new iPad Health app during June’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Electrocardiogram results, among other health data, will be accessible on a bigger display through the app. The updated software will likely debut with iOS 17 later this year.

Gurman claims that Apple’s health efforts started in 2014 with the introduction of the Health app and the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. Since then, the wristwatch has received regular updates that improve its ability to monitor the wearer’s health in various ways.

Apple’s rumored future mixed-reality headset will purportedly include a function enabling users to meditate while wearing the gadget. The launch of the headset will happen during the company’s WWDC presentation.

In addition, Bloomberg has claimed that in the next years, Apple plans to add basic blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch. This function may or may not offer accurate diastolic and systolic readings. But it will notify users if hypertension is detected.

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