VRChat Drops Support for Original Quest

In a recent developer update, VRChat announced that it would no longer support the original Quest VR headset model. The reason behind this decision is Meta’s leaving its support for the device’s SDK, which may cause instability in the application. Consequently, VRChat is ending support on 30th June 2023 to ensure a secure and optimized platform for its users.

The company also stated that customers can still use the Quest 1 together with other tethering methods such as Quest Link, PCVR Virtual Desktop, or ALVR. This decision follows the shutdown of AltSpace VR earlier this year, which redirected its funds and investment to Mesh. AtSpace VR is another Metaverse platform owned by Microsoft.

Meta Abandons the First Quest Model Support

On 5th March 2023, Meta announced its plans to stop supporting Quest 1 in favor of Quest 2 with its Pro versions. The company also hinted at the potential launch of a consumer Quest 3 device. Despite this, Meta stated that it stays committed to supporting the Quest 1 community. Also, they will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security patches until 2024. However, the announcement will impact Meta’s Metaverse platform, Horizon. Quest 1 users can no longer create parties, invite others to an immersive Home environment, or visit someone else’s Home. On the other hand, users can still access their purchased VR applications.

Meta’s Portfolio Expands to Include Quest 2 and Pro

The announcement also underscores Meta’s strategy to shift resources and focus toward its newer Quest 2 and Pro lineup. The Meta Quest Pro, for instance, is a mixed-reality headset that the company launched in October 2022. With Quest Pro, Meta aims to revolutionize the work features with its advanced features.

The Presence Platform powers the Meta Quest Pro, superimposing quality graphics over the real world. This enables users to switch between VR and MR applications seamlessly. The device currently goes for £1,499.

Meta Quest 2 remains a great option for those seeking a more affordable VR headset. Priced at $399, the Quest 2 offers numerous features, including a high-resolution display and a comfortable design.

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