Sony Reportedly Working on Enhancing Reprojection System for PS VR2

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In an effort to enhance the overall virtual reality (VR) experience, Sony is reportedly focusing on improving its reprojection system. Currently, the reprojection technology used in the PlayStation VR-2 (PSVR 2) has been criticized for introducing blurriness and causing discomfort among users.

Several VR headsets employ reprojection technology to boost frame speed from 60 Hz to 120 Hz without compromising performance. However, Sony’s implementation of reprojection has faced challenges, leading to complaints of nausea and blurriness in VR games that utilize this feature. Some developers have even started using the absence of reprojection as a selling point for their VR games.

Several Virtual Reality headsets make use of some type of reprojection but Sony’s system is currently not one of the best. Users sometimes complain of nausea or blurriness in virtual reality games that use reprojection. Some VR games now use the lack of reprojection as their selling point.

Updates will make PS VR2 get better— Hubris Game Producer 

The PC virtual reality (PC VR) title Hubris, which will be uploaded to PlayStation VR2 later this week uses reprojection. VR game producer, Koen Vanden Steen responded to different questions from fans of PS VR2 while deliberately hinting that Sony is currently trying to improve the technology. 

According to Koen, the PlayStation VR2 will get new updates regularly. A good example is the prospective improvement of the reprojection technology that is ongoing presently.

Hubris on PS VR2 is sharper than the PC VR version

The studio has improved the PC VR which launched in 2022 in terms of gameplay and graphics. The studio spent almost 6 months on the port.

“The resolution is considerably sharper because a lot of sampling can be done because we can upsample a lot due to forveated rendering, so all the textures will look sharper than on deskstop unless you had a super high end rig which could already super sample x2 or x3”

Hubris VR Game Producer Koen Vanden Steen

The PlayStation VR 2 can fix several problems of the PC VR, like improving the artificial intelligence and bringing new soundtracks to fit the gameplay. The game producer has promised graphics that are close to showcasing titles

Hubris will be out on June 22 on PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 2

PC VR users will also enjoy some benefits, especially with the plans of the studio to release an improved version of the virtual reality game. Hubris will be available starting on the 22nd of June for PS VR2 and Meta Quest 2.

Sony’s dedication to enhancing the reprojection system signifies the company’s commitment to delivering a superior VR experience with the upcoming PS VR2. Gamers can look forward to improved visuals, smoother gameplay, and reduced discomfort, setting a new standard for virtual reality entertainment.

Photo Credit: Unsplash