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Meta Quest 2 costs $399 on Meta store

Top Journalist Reveals Quest 3 Groundbreaking Features in First-Hand Experience

With Apple’s much-anticipated headset launch on the horizon, Meta is stepping up its game and intensifying the development of its highly awaited Quest 3 headset. In a strategic move to build excitement around their...

Blockchain Technology Drives Metaverse Revolution, Paving the Way for Future Growth

In the face of speculation about an impending cryptocurrency “winter,” blockchain technology has managed to maintain its relevance, especially with the emergence of the industrial metaverse. The utilization of cryptographic technology has surged in...
Bill Gates warns that humanoid robots can replace manual labourers in the future

Bill Gates Predicts End of Amazon and Google Search as AI Progresses at Rapid Speed

In a recent address at an Artificial Intelligence (AI) event hosted by SV Angel and Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, the renowned co-founder of Microsoft, made a bold prediction that Amazon and Google Search will...
Researchers have had a test run of the AI model on more than 5000 lymph nodes donated by about 350 patients.

UK Oncologists develop AI model to Predict Spread of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Oncologists in the United Kingdom have made a significant breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer with the development of a new artificial intelligence (AI) model. The innovative technology aims to predict whether triple-negative...
WWDC is scheduled to hold from June 5 to June 9

Apple hints on VR headset release with WWDC 2023 invites 

Tech giant Apple has recently dispatched invites to its developer community and members of the press, sparking speculation about the unveiling of the company’s highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) headset at the upcoming Worldwide...
Forbidden City, Beijing, China

China launches campaign against AI-generated fake news, misinformation  

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has initiated a comprehensive campaign aimed at curbing the proliferation of news and other internet content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The focus of this crackdown is...
The MMS project has earned remarkable outcomes in over 100 dialects aided by existing speech recognition models to over 1,100 languages.

Meta-led AI Speech Recognition model, MMS develops support in 1,100 languages

In an era where information accessibility is paramount, the advancements in machine learning and speech recognition technology have played a pivotal role in democratizing knowledge. However, a significant challenge persists due to the lack...
PSVR2 is available at $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99 / ¥74,980

Sony’s PSVR2 sells 600,000 units 6 weeks after launch 

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the renowned creator of PlayStation (PS) games, has revealed that its next-generation virtual reality (VR) headset PSVR2 has experienced exceptional sales since its launch in February. During Sony’s Business Segment...
Hospital launches VR tool to help in the management of mental health disorder in children

VR simulation to assist in diagnosis and treatment plans for children’s mental health disorders

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has taken a groundbreaking step towards improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with mental health disorders. This innovative approach utilizes VR simulations to provide hands-on training to prospective pediatricians, enabling...
Meta is set to collaborate with Magic Leap to provide AR-based solutions

Meta to partner with Magic Leap on AR technology

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, is currently negotiating with Magic Leap, an augmented reality (AR) company, to collaborate on the development of AR-based solutions. The potential deal would involve sharing intellectual property...